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Mirii (star) by the weavers of Yinarr Maramali

Mirri (star) is a First Nations lighting range, produced in collaboration with Koskela and Yinarr Maramali. 

Yinarr Maramali is a Gomeroi women's business dedicated to supporting Community and Country wellbeing through their weaving practice. Based in Tamworth, Yinarr Maramali is a cultural hub and place of learning as artists weave their stories through handwoven creations and artworks. The name ‘Yinarr Maramali’ means ‘made by Gomeroi women’s hands.’ 

The lighting range is entitled Mirii which means ‘star’ in Gomeroi. Gomeroi Country extends across NSW and Southern QLD. Mirii light up the sky just like how these pendants will light up any room. The collection currently features the intricate weaving work of artists Amy Hammond, Lorrelle Munro, Bronwyn Spearim, Sophie and Emily Honess.

The artists use native Lomandra grass and emu feathers to bring their Mirii designs to life. The woven lamps are considered as 'living' art pieces as the grass will naturally change colour over time from a deep green to a natural sandy yellow. 

This collaboration is an important opportunity to showcase South Eastern First Nations weaving styles and for Koskela, this our first NSW-based lighting collaboration.

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