Made To Order Furniture

Made To Order Custom Furniture

There isn’t a more disappointing feeling than when your interior design vision is shattered due to a lack of stock, and you have to leave the store empty- or half-handed. This, however, can be avoided with a bit of planning and custom, made to order furniture from Koskela. 

Planning is the key to success

Just like most things in life, the key to pulling off a great idea is to plan effectively. If you’re envisioning an intelligently designed, modern space with high-quality, innovative fittings, then your best bet is to opt for custom furniture. 

From single-seater sofas to six people pill tables, barstools, benches and bookshelves, customise each item from our range of made to order furniture to suit your needs and match your style. 

Customisable made to order furniture in Sydney

By combining contemporary design with quality craftsmanship, Koskela’s collection of custom furniture is unlike any other. From the colour of the steel chair legs to the fabric of the seat’s upholstery and the option to have a chairback or not, almost every aspect of our furniture is customisable. Change the colour of your favourite sofa’s fabric to match or contrast with its steel feet. Feeling bright and fun? Opt for chestnut leather upholstery and petrol green feet. Or for a more slick look, choose a soft sesame coloured fabric with complimentary bowerbird blue feet. With so many options, you’re able to create exactly what you want in every room. 

Furniture for a lifetime

Both our ready to ship and made to order furniture is designed and crafted with sustainability in mind — in terms of both quality and our planet. By creating long-lasting heirlooms rather than fast furniture, Koskela furniture stays out of landfills and supports sustainable interior design.

Browse our range of custom, made to order furniture online today and get in touch for more information about our products and shipping.