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Keringke Arts

Founded in 1989, Keringke Art Centre is situated in the community of Ltyentye Apurte in the Central Australian region of the Northern Territory. Keringke Arts was named after a nearby ancient rock-hole that was formed when an ancestor Kangaroo travelled through the Country.

The artists of Keringke Arts are heavily influenced by the stories and imagery of the vast country surrounding the centre. This influence has informed their use of age old motifs and imagery which they explore through a contemporary lens and mediums.

Both Johnny Young and Chris Wallace share rich stories of station life by taking physical elements from the area to create playful sculptures.

Johnny Young harnesses reclaimed scraps from cattle stations to create unique representations of his life growing up on Ltyentye Apurte. His first experience as a stockman was as a young man breaking in horses and camels. However, his aptitude for making and creativity was quickly channelled into leather-works for saddlery and craft. In his spare time he would create bush toys from scrap materials around the station, which later became his key artistic focus.

Johnny has an incredible ability to transform trash into treasure, with the wealth of detail and intricate construction of these works reflecting his deep knowledge of country and connection to the land.