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Cold Picnic

Cold Picnic

Cold Picnic was formed in 2010 by partners Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer, both with a background in fine arts and corporate fashion design - Sung as an apparel designer and Buer as a print designer. Influenced by national parks, film, interior design and art, their common interest in viewing traditional crafts filtered through modern sensibilities, led them to begin Cold Picnic - a line of textiles and home goods.

Cold Picnic designs all their pieces in their Brooklyn Studio, and work with artisans in India to product their handmade rugs, quilts and bathmats, and a family owned company in New Jersey to make their knit blankets.

Cold Picnic realise that their work is tied to the livelihoods of others and are responsible for the creation of goods whose life cycle and usefulness depends upon them being well made and thoughtfully designed. Cold Picnic has an ongoing commitment to Sustainable and responsible practices.