Yuta Badayala Meeting Room Lighting

Banjamin Ward

Architecture firm Geyer approached Koskela with a special lighting commission for an 8-level workplace fit-out in Brisbane. Familiar with our Yuta Badayala social impact project, Geyer asked us to liaise with the Yolngu weavers from Elcho Island Arts and Milingimbi Art and Culture to create a series of woven pendants.

The floor-plan on every level has a meeting space with an oblong table and Geyer commissioned a pendant to hang above. An oblong wire frame was developed to mirror the table. 

The Yolngu weavers foraged and sourced gunga (pandanus), bulgurr (kurragong) and gilwirra (sand palm), which was dyed using locally sourced natural materials and made into a fibrous string to weave around the 8 wire frames. 

The artists involved were Mandy Batjula Gaykamangu, Helen Milminydjarrk, Helen Ganalmirriwuy, Roslyn Markapuy, Susan Balbunga, Jennifer Dikar, Sabrina Roy, Debbie Wuduwawuy and Zelda Wurgiur. Pictured above is Helen Milmindyjarrk and Susan Balbunga with their beautiful creations. Each pendant varies greatly and is a product of artistic interpretation. 

Rosita Holmes, the Coordinator from Milingimbi Art and Culture was kind enough to share this insight into the work of Susan Balbunga. 
Easier to see in real life - but this is a little fish swimming! It’s a small detail but really adds to the visual impact of this work. She has also included a lot of symbolism - fish, anchors, stars.

The outcome of this project is 8 beautiful design objects that provide income to the Yolngu weavers and bring the earthy colours and textures of Arnhem Land into this office environment.

Images of the artists and works in progress are courtesy of Milingimbi Art and Culture.


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