Meet Oliver Maclatchy of Wood Melbourne

Koskela is thrilled to welcome Wood Melbourne to our Rosebery store. The range of bathroom fittings are designed and made by Oliver Maclatchy, a talented craftsman who got started when he realised there was a lack of fun and imaginative options during his own bathroom renovation.

Working with timber for more than 20 years, Oliver started experimenting with it first to make the bathroom fittings. He has since introduced brass, concrete and natural stone – all of which are beautiful and very challenging to work with. The handcrafted range enables you to create a real sense of luxury in the bathroom with just a small selection of fittings.

The customisation options are huge, so you can get the perfect material mix for you. And orders can be turned around in just four weeks! Come into the store and our friendly retail consultants can run it all through with you.

Keep reading for our interview with Oliver who takes us behind the scenes of Wood Melbourne.

What was your journey to starting Wood Melbourne?

I come from a construction background – in 2014 I was building my own place and having a hard time finding tapware that had a bit more depth to it than the standard range of fittings. It really seemed to be an area that lacked imagination and fun. It all started from there. I made a few fixed fittings out of timber and copper. These designs were fairly chunky and clunky in comparison to what we have now, but I knew I was onto something. I started to refine the basic designs into actual screw-on fittings. When people came and saw the house, the tapware was the main focus, so naturally I started a range of timber fixtures and fittings. It was then that Wood Melbourne started. It was a really exciting time.

Why do bathroom fittings inspire your creativity?

I feel like it's an area of design that really has been stuck with standard fittings. I just saw so many possibilities with materials and textures. I've always loved bathrooms, it's a place that you can escape to and relax. You want it to be a sanctuary – it's a room that should be beautiful!

What is your recipe for designing a beautiful bathroom?

Natural light if possible, even a small window will do it. I love a balanced mixed of materials, raw brass paired with timber, concrete and marble. I love the realness of these materials, pair with some greenery and it’s a match made in heaven, somewhere you want to get naked!

What is your favourite material to work with?

I would have to say timber. I have been working with timber for more than 20 years and feel like I really understand it as a material. Having the skills to work with timber in many different applications also lends itself to other working with other materials that have a strong focus on their own materiality like concrete, brass and stone. I love playing with all these materials and having the tools and skills make it so much fun.

What is next for Wood Melbourne?

Koskela! We are really excited partner with you guys, we love your showroom and your ethos, so it's just a great fit! I have been working on a new range of products which will be getting released in the next few months. The new range brings in a split focus between material and shape. These will be on show at Den Fair in Melbourne this June too, we’re looking forward to revealing them. 


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