Winter skincare with Maryse

We chat to natural beauty specialist Maryse O’Donnell about her brand philosophy and winter skincare remedies.

At Koskela we are rather fond of natural beauty. Our focus is on small and local players who harness natural ingredients to deliver targeted results. We like to think we have a well rounded selection of products that are effective yet gentle, easy to use, and completely free of nasties.

In amongst all the lovely potions and lotions on our shelves, Maryse is often the one that gets noticed by customers. Probably because of its apothecary-inspired packaging, which automatically suggests intelligent skincare solutions. Maryse products are very smart indeed, each one delivering a concentrated boost of nutrients to enhance and revitalise the skin. Founder Maryse O’Donnell started formulating skincare eight years ago and is passionate about using naturally potent organic ingredients to develop intense treatments as well as daily essentials. We caught up with her to discuss her brand philosophy and glean some expert advice for brightening up your complexion during the harsh winter months.

First up, what is the philosophy of Maryse?

The Maryse philosophy is definitely a more pared back, minimalist approach to beauty. I wanted to create an effective skincare collection with carefully selected ingredients to serve the skin, with no synthetics and only using potent organic and plant based ingredients. Each individual product in the collection is formulated to have concentrated, highly nutritive properties. I feel there is a shift away from mass market beauty and a move towards more honest, bespoke skincare. Everything is handcrafted and formulated in my studio here in Auckland.

How can summer conditions affect your skin and hair?

It’s common for the skin to feel parched and lacklustre during the cooler climate and with central heating drawing moisture from our complexion. Topping it up with antioxidants and potent nutrients help maintain optimum moisture.

What treatments would you recommend?

Don't forget to exfoliate to slough off any dead skin cells that form over winter due to the cold climate. It not only gives the skin a more even complexion, but also helps with the absorption of all the products you apply afterwards. Anything that is super replenishing and hydrating will be perfect in winter. Using super potent products help deliver the nutrients needed for soft, balanced skin. High doses of omegas and lipids help restore and boost the skin in the harsher climate also, that is why oil based moisturisers are wonderful to plump and nourish the skin right now.

Finally, do you have a favourite Maryse product?

Extra care is needed for the skin with the cooler environment. At this time of year I would recommend the Intensive Omega Treatment and the Treatment Balm. This ultra-nourishing treatment is overflowing with essential fatty acids to keep hydration levels in check. Pair this with the Treatment Balm, which is enriched with healing Manuka honey and provides calming and intensive moisture for the lips or wherever needed.



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