We've closed the loop on our bean bags

After years of hunting for a sustainable alternative to polystyrene beans that meets both our environmental and functional standards, we are happy to announce a collaboration with Envee Beans.

Envee Beans are helping us close the loop on our Australian made bean bags. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Envee Beans have created a 100% bio-based bean.

Made in Melbourne through an innovative process, Envee Beans offer the option to return your beans at the end of their lifecycle to be commercially composted into humus, which can be used to grow new plants and crops. Envee Beans can help with this directly, but it's a long time coming, their beans are designed to last for generations. 

Just as, if not more comfortable than regular beans, the Envee bio beans are plump and long lasting. Want to purchase your bean bag filled with Envee beans? Add on the Filled Koskela Bean Bag Liner to your bean bag purchase. Our bean bags are still available to purchase unfilled. You can buy beans elsewhere and fill with the help of these instructions

Koskela bean bags have been a living room staple for many years, which is why we’re offering all Sydney based customers the opportunity to return their polystyrene beans to our warehouse and swap for a bean bag liner filled with Envee Beans!

The good news is that polystyrene beans are recyclable, but this option isn’t available to individual households, so we’re taking responsibility for our beans and have partnered with an industrial re-cycler to ensure no bean is left un-turned.

Simply reach out to our customer service team to arrange a time and the payment of your new Envee Bean filled bean bag liner. 

The bean return process will initially be a trial for Sydney customers only, with the hope to expand it nationally down the track! 

How are Envee Beans made?

Envee Beans are made in Melbourne, Australia through an innovative process using expanded polylactic acid (or EPLA). The actual creation process harnesses a specific type of 100% bio-based PLA produced by NatureWorks called Ingeo. They use this as a bio-based polymer in combination with a proprietary patented process which foams the PLA by using a green blowing agent (C02) and steam. 

PLA is made by extracting starch from plants, in this case enzymes are then added to convert the glucose to dextrose into lactic acid which is then converted to lactide. 

The result is a comfortable and long-lasting bean which you can enjoy in your bean bags for generations. 

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*We calculate Sydney metro as anyone within 20km of our Artarmon Warehouse. 

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