This Is Love

Rachel Castle
This Is Love
7 October - 5 November, 2017

A collection of 7 large canvases from Rachel Castle celebrating her love for the floral form and the beauty of colour.

Australian artist Rachel Castle loves having a bit of fun. Her whimsical, instantly recognisable art – paintings, screen prints and fabric embroideries – pop with visual energy and colour. An avid pop culture fan, she is known for her love of a good song lyric and an obsession with color.

Under her online brand CASTLE, Rachel also designs and manufactures her own bedlinen and homewear range.

Her last three painting shows, FLORA, GARDEN, and BLOOM sold out at Koskela gallery in Sydney, and TDF Collect in Melbourne.

Rachel has spent the past 20 years in the homeware industry both in Australia and the UK, and currently lives in Sydney.

This collection of paintings for Koskela is an about turn for me, born from downing all tools, and really thinking about what resonates for me visually rather than trying to paint a perfect painting. The further along with my painting I got, the stiffer and more controlled I was making the lines and the shapes. These new paintings celebrate making shapes that resonate for me, organically and naturally, in a sequence that is instinctive rather than too tightly considered, in all the colours I love. There are many layers in each piece, of painting and drawing, between wash upon wash of solid color, to finally arrive at the last layer which is painted and printed both. Just like a garden with its various textures and shapes and colours, these paintings celebrate light and shade and the glory of imperfection and the wholeness that it creates. I fell in love all over again with the process of following your instincts, and with the paintings which were easy and joyful to bring to life.

— Rachel Castle.

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