Plastic Free July

It’s never too late to start thinking about how you can reduce your environmental footprint! COVID-19 has thrown quite a spanner in the works for our routines, our livelihoods and our conception of ‘normal’. We at Koskela were so swept up in the whirlwind that is 2020 that when we checked our calendars and realised it was already July, we couldn’t believe it! It’s time to start embracing reflection and looking towards how we can step back into pseudo-routines in a way that not only considers our health and the safety of others, but the vitality of our planet.

What better way to kick-start your enviro-conscious journey than by engaging in Plastic Free July? We’ve gleaned all the best resources to summarise the most accessible tips & tricks that you can start implementing into your daily routine!

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1. Ditch disposable cups for good

Cafes are slowly but surely starting to allow the use of keep cups once again. We promise that your almond latte will actually taste better knowing that upon your final sip, you can simply rinse, sterilise and admire the beauty of your cup instead of discarding it into your bin.

The impact?

Coffee Cups are unfortunately not recyclable, meaning that every year, 1 billion disposable coffee cups end up in landfill sites across Australia, with 300 million of those coming from NSW! So let’s band together and start saying no to disposable cups. If you need more inspiration for a keep cup, we have some beautiful ceramic options here.




Good bye plastic, hello reusable bags! Once you’re in the habit of slinging your eco bags over your arm, you’ll never go back! To help you remember, stash them somewhere handy, like the boot of your car or by your front door.


Plastic is fatal for animals who mistake it for food or become entangled in its grasp. Additionally, plastic bags shed micro plastics which travel all over the world, polluting our water-way systems. By choosing to refuse plastic bags, you can save around 500 of them per year from entering our oceans and landfill!



3. No more straws

With bars, cafes and restaurants slowly opening their doors to the public, don’t forget to say no to straws. If you’re conscious of dental hygiene and want to avoid sugar on your enamel, then why not buy a reusable metal straw and BYOS? 


A moment on your lips, a lifetime on the land! Straws are made of a lightweight plastic which renders them vulnerable to blowing down drains, into waterways and the airways of animals! So let’s ditch the straws and help protect our environment!



4. RRR

If you live by the three RRR’s, or at least endeavour to live by (no one’s perfect) it will make an enormous impact on your environmental footprint!

REDUCE what you buy, ask yourself, do you really need it?

REUSE keep cups, containers, straws instead of using virgin products.

RECYCLE your waste properly, this can be confusing so click here for an extensive resource on how you can improve your household recycling.



5. Clean up your cleaning products

No, we don't mean that by wiping away your dirt you're helping to 'clean' the planet. But using enviro-conscious cleaning products can make a huge difference both to your individual exposure to chemicals, and to your use of plastic! At Koskela, we believe in using organic, toxin free alternatives which you can shop here. To minimise plastic waste, you can always re-fill your cleaning products at stores such as The Source



6. Pick fresh

The most influential thing we can do as consumers in a capitalist society to impact change, is to vote with our dollar. Instead of reaching for the cherry tomatoes nestled in a clear, plastic box, why not bring your own re-usable bag and opt for the tomatoes loose on display? Harris Farm offers this, as well as farmers markets which often have better deals than your local supermarket, so you can still be enviro-conscious on a budget!

Alternatively, why not start cultivating your own garden? Filled with your most beloved fruit and veggies. Not only will you reap the rewards of your produce by filling your plates, but the mental escapism of gardening can be one of the most meditative things you can do. 










Click here to download the Plastic Free July challenge check box! A great tool to help you visualise how your actions have a positive ripple effect on the environment around you!

If you have any other tips & tricks we'd love to hear them! Please comment on this post to share your knowledge, so we can cultivate a community of people working together to help reduce our collective environmental footprint!