Case Study: Realising NAB’s vision for the sustainable office of the future

As NAB responds to the recent global shifts in how the workforce operates, Koskela was briefed to fit out two new office environments that align with the bank’s future vision of work: flexible, collaborative and sustainable, including custom spaces for commercial furniture.

It’s as obvious as it is true: work has changed.

So when Koskela was tapped by frequent collaborators Woods Bagot to furnish NAB’s two new Sydney offices – one in the CBD suburb of Wynyard, and one in Parramatta – we wanted to reflect this shift with a fit out that will carry the company through the future of work.

As NAB continues to embrace flexible and hybrid working models, it’s more important than ever that the in-person office environment enables human connection and community. You know, the spark you can’t really get through a screen.

The sites needed custom spaces that invite both formal and informal ways of working together. The project’s aim was to not just demonstrate but champion sustainability, embedding it into each aspect of the build with a focus on reduced environmental impact and product lifecycle consideration – two things Koskela is most passionate about as a business.


“This project is really representative of everything that matters to Koskela,” says Koskela co-founder Sasha Titchkosky. “To be able to furnish our partners with Australian-made, sustainable furniture and help them create practical and beautiful spaces is one thing. But to be able to now support them in the maintenance and care of this furniture to reduce waste over the long-term – that’s crucial to our work.”

Thanks to the collaborative approach of interior designers Woods Bagot, Koskela was able to engage directly with all stakeholders: the client, the project manager and the builder. “This meant we could get curious, ask questions, achieve clarity and ultimately deliver the best possible results,” says Sasha. 

After the exploration phase, which included design sessions and workshops, Koskela came up with a solution to suit each individual space guided by the bank’s vision for their 2000+ staff members.

Over the course of the large-scale project, Koskela delivered over 800 individual pieces of catalogue items and custom-made furnishings across the two sites. This included a bespoke powered banquette table to act as the beating heart of the kitchen and an adaptable space where you’re welcome to sit down for lunch or to power through some deep work.


Other furnishings included custom collaboration break-out tables, which can shape-shift to accommodate the size of the group using them. There were also meeting tables and dining tables, Quadrant soft sofas and ottomans, which provide a comfortable and relaxed working option - perfect for employees used to working from the couch at home. Additionally, there were office sofas and Twiggy coat stands.  

Of course, function isn’t everything – we also matched our powder coated pieces to the unique colour code of each level for maximum visual appeal. The mix of bespoke and standard furniture meant we could meet the design brief within budget, and the pieces were delivered on time over the course of nine stages and five months. Seamless.

 Our work doesn’t end upon the delivery of our furniture, either, as we’ll service and refurbish every item for its entire lifecycle, saving them from landfill. As part of our Future Fit program we aim to take responsibility for these products and materials at their end of life and completely eliminate waste from our business model. Just one more step towards a circular economy.

 “The fact that partners like NAB, Woods Bagot want to work with Koskela and our products shows how seriously organisations are taking sustainability and, increasingly, circularity,” says Sasha, “To be able to offer them beautiful and sustainable products is a testament to the last two decades of our work and research. It goes without saying how proud we are of this project .” 

Designer: Woods Bagot

Builder: Built

Project Management: Savills

Photographer: Nick De Lorenzo