Karri Bengkan Djang (We Know Our Culture)

Maningrida Arts and Culture
Karri bengkan Djang (We know our culture)
15 June - 13 July, 2019

Koskela Gallery is proud to present Karri bengkan Djang (We know our culture), new fibre sculptures, mimih figures and limited etchings from Maningrida Arts and Culture.

Maningrida comes from the Ndjébbana phrase mane djang karrirra, meaning ‘the place where the totemic ancestors transformed.’

The community is located in Central Arnhem Land, a region defined by linguistic and cultural diversity, home to twelve language groups, 110 clans and 32 outstations or homelands.

Djang is the Kuninjku word for the ongoing, eternal, life-giving transformative power that accounts for every aspect of existence. It also refers to the creation ancestor, the country where spirit resides, and to ceremonial designs and songs that represent that being.

Through the work of Ndjébbana, Kuninjku, Burarra (Martay) and Djinang artists, this exhibition gives insight into the way contemporary art practices are negotiated within longstanding cultural practices and complex knowledge systems.


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