Koskela is striking for the climate

This is not business as usual

The phrase ‘business as usual’ gets thrown around a lot in corporate settings. 

But there’s nothing ‘usual’ about climate change and the alarming rate at which we’re damaging our planet. And it’s certainly not business as usual for Australia’s students and young people to be asking adults to participate in action against climate change.

So for the Global Climate Strike this September 20th, Koskela won’t be doing business as usual. Instead, we’re hitting the streets for climate.

What is the Global Climate Strike?

Over the past year, millions of young people participated in school climate strikes to send a clear message that the climate crisis needs immediate attention.

This September, those same school students are calling on adults to join them on the streets to demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. Millions of adults will walk out of their workplaces and homes to support solutions to the most important crisis facing our world.

Why we support hitting the streets for climate

We know that the number one reason that people won't strike is because of work. 

Our employees shouldn’t have to choose between a paycheck and the planet. All of us benefit from living in a healthy, stable climate. It’s what has allowed us to build inspiring businesses in the first place. 

So our message to the business community is: you can strike. 

Are other businesses are getting involved?

The reality is that while it’s not up to the private sector to lead climate action, we can do our part in this unique moment. Every business in Australia can do something.

A number of Australian businesses are making a pledge to their employees that they will support their participation in the climate strike, through different means.

  • Future Super is closing the office for a day
  • Atlassian’s employees are using a “Foundation Day” (their CSR leave program) to join the strike
  • Other organisations are holding a “no meetings” day

We are asking other employers to step up and provide their employees with the opportunity and resources to strike on September 20th, too. 

Learn more and get involved at NotBusinessAsUsual.com.au