Koskela Gallery presents: Frizzon by Michele Morcos

The Koskela Gallery is pleased to present: Frizzon, a collection of landscapes works by Michele Morcos.

Frizzon captures the warmth of Australian landscapes, exploring the depth and diversity of bushland across the country. Frizzon is a reflective exercise, taking Michele back to her first love of the Australian landscape and memories of painting and drawing trips to the stunning traditional lands of the Malyankapa, Pandjikali, Wanyuparlku and Wilyakali peoples in Far Western NSW.

The landscape shapes my memories. My memories shape the landscape. - Michele Morcos

In the past two years I have found comfort and a sense of calm in my studio-dreaming, reimagining, and painting landscapes of places I have visited in Australia. Beautiful spaces that make my soul happy filled with colour memories and a sense of light. I wanted to see if I could trigger a happy mental and emotional response in the here and now, without physically travelling and standing in these places, creating a type of virtual travel for these times of closed borders and lockdowns.  A way of setting the mind free and opening your field of view, until we are able to travel again.”

Michele Morcos

Michele Morcos is an accomplished multimedia visual artist with a studio practice in Sydney, Australia. She graduated from UNSW Art & Design (Collage of Fine Arts) in 1999 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting/drawing) and a BA Honours in Art Theory. Michele has exhibited her work in eight solo exhibitions and over twenty group exhibitions throughout Australia. She has been selected twice as a finalist for The Brett Whiteley Art Scholarship and also for major prizes such as the Mosman Art Prize, and the Urban EDGE contemporary art prize.

In 2020, we committed the Koskela Gallery to be a space to exclusively showcase First Nations artists.

We would like to thank Michele Morcos, one of our long standing artist partners for kindly jumping in and providing us with a beautiful collection of pieces whilst our First Nations partners are experiencing delays during these unprecedented times.

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