Among the Whisperings and the Stars

Michele Morcos
Among the Whisperings and the Stars
3 September - 2 October, 2016
Michele Morcos is a multimedia visual artist with a studio practice in Sydney, Australia. She graduated from UNSW Art & Design (Collage of Fine Arts) in 1999 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting/drawing) and a BA Honours in Art Theory.

Michele has exhibited her work in seven solo exhibitions and over twenty group exhibitions throughout Australia. She has been selected twice as a finalist for The Brett Whiteley Art Scholarship and also for major prizes such as the Mosman Art Prize. 

During the past 10 years, Michele has worked and taught in a number of art galleries including Object: Australian Centre for Art & Design Centre in Sydney. She has also completed a number of Artist-in-residence programs in Australia & overseas. In 2015 Michele travelled to Skopelos, Greece to participate in an Artist-in Residence program at The Milos Studios and recently completed a new body of work about her residency for this solo exhibition at Koskela.



Art Statement 2016

In June 2015 I travelled to Greece to complete a residency at the Milos Studios on the island of Skopelos. At the time Greece was facing a referendum on the future direction of the country, and a possible Grexit from the EU. The locals were full of questions – as words, emotions & systems of order were all up in the air and up for debate. The country was in a state of shock and it was as if transparent thoughts, emotions, and parallel histories floated in the invisible spaces between the sky and the sea.

Whilst working in the residency studio and travelling throughout the island I created a collection of sketches, assemblage drawings, monotype prints and a small series of coil woven forms using the ghost nets and fishing ropes that I found washed up on the local beaches and coves.

These works then became the inspiration for my latest solo exhibition – entitled among the whisperings and the stars, which evolved in my Camperdown studio in the past year. 



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