Introducing the Brolga Collection

A luxurious and environmentally friendly furniture collection seven years in the making.

The Brolga Collection is named after one of our favourite native birds, also known as the Australian Crane. Brolgas are well known for their elaborate mating dances. We wanted to achieve the same level of seduction with a furniture collection that combines quality materials and flawless Australian craftsmanship.

It has taken seven years to produce this collection. “We started off wanting to do a beautiful timber armchair piece, but we couldn’t find the right manufacturer to work with in Australia,” says Russel, Koskela’s co-founder and design director. “It was just really hard to find the right people – craftspeople – who want to make it in this country.”

Koskela co-founders Sasha and Russel. 

The quality of the timber finish is incredibly important and luckily we found someone who acquired a machine from a closing down cricket bat factory in Brisbane. In a former life it made cricket bat handles and now spins Brolga’s Euro beech dowels to perfection. The timber is sealed with a new environmentally friendly water-based product, which has the look and feel of raw timber. “We wanted our use of materials to be as honest as possible,” says Russel. “So you can appreciate the amazing quality.”

The leather upholstery is also a significant part of Brolga’s story. “We are importing a new eco-friendly leather that BMW are using in their new i series of electric cars,” says Russel. In an Australian furniture first, this leather has been tanned using the natural extracts of olive leaves, a byproduct of olive farming. Olive leaf tanning produces nearly the same range of colours as Chrome tanning, but is far kinder on the environment. Our olive leaf tanned leather also received the Cradle to Cradle Certified “Gold” certificate. To date this accolade has been granted to only 30 products throughout the world.

“It has taken a long time to find the right materials and craftspeople, but to do something beautiful it takes time,” says Russel. Seven years in the making, we are excited to finally unveil Brolga to you.



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Koskela is proud to be the first furniture and homewares company in Australia to be a Certified B Corporation®.

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