Seasonal Abandonment Of Imaginary Worlds

Carine Thevenau & Benja Harney
Seasonal Abandonment Of Imaginary Worlds 
10 March - 18 April, 2018

Koskela Gallery presents Seasonal Abandonment of Imaginary Worlds, an exhibition by photographer Carine Thevenau and paper engineer Benja Harney.

Here images of playgrounds are a pause or a crease in spacetime, folding, unfolding and refolding to new landscapes and new time. The origami references this: synonymous to Japan and practiced in Japanese kindergartens. Both the playgrounds and the origami are nostalgic, they have a longer life cycle than the playgrounds in the West. Japan’s philosophies of sustainability, respect for the property of others and the aesthetics of wabi sabi can be seen throughout the work.

The exhibition will also feature Thevenau’s Sustainable Print Project – an ongoing project that embraces the transient nature of non-archival printing processes.

Carine Thévenau

Carine Thévenau is a Mauritian/Australian artist who draws much of her inspiration from the natural world, people and her own habitual surroundings. Carine is passionate about sustainable practices within the arts and continually experiments with ethical materials within her own arts practice. She has recently been awarded a Master of Fine Art from the University of New South Wales, Art and Design and has exhibited in solo and group shows in Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Benja Harney

Benja Harney is a paper engineer. Working both in Australia and internationally, he is renowned as a pioneer in his field. As a professional creative, artist and educator, over the last 12 years Harney has led his Sydney-based studio, Paperform, to develop a body of work that pushes the possibilities of the paper medium. Pop-up books, paper sculpture, installation, illustration, packaging, fine art, fashion, animation, set design – Harney makes anything and everything possible within this endlessly inventive material.


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