The Light, The Sky, This Land


Anne-France Fulgence
The Light, The Sky, This Land
April 14 - May 13, 2018

“As an European emigrant, Australian landscapes still seem so raw and powerful, especially when a combination of pale and dark skies set everything alight, creating an extravagant moment of starkly contrasting colours.”

Anne-France Fulgence is a landscape painter who lives in Kangaroo Valley. She is inspired to capture the unbridled force of nature in response to the degradation of the environment by humanity.

“I find solace in solitude, within the enclosure of the studio, where I battle with paint, and celebrate any progress I make, in capturing an instant of beauty.”

The oil paintings on canvas are interpreted from photographs she has taken of various locations on the South Coast. Works are outlined rapidly and then worked over meticulously to exaggerate the contrasts.

“It is like painting poesy, dark poesy. I want the darkness to make the light look brilliant, and luminous.”

—Anne-France Fulgence