Allbirds release a limited edition Koskela sneaker

Allbirds is a Certified B Corporation® that makes the world’s most comfortable shoes using environmentally friendly materials.

To introduce themselves to customers in cities around the world Allbirds partner with local businesses to release a limited edition sneaker, they call it Allbirds And. Koskela is proud to be one of their partners for Sydney.

Allbirds And is a city by city celebration of beloved local businesses that share our commitment to quality, craft and imagination. We sought out some businesses in Sydney who share our opinions on natural ingredients, sustainable practices, and a love of all things colour – and once we found them, we made some shoes together. Since Koskela is a fellow B Corp offering Australian-made homewares and local artisanal goods with a low impact on the environment, and a positive impact on humanity, naturally we became fast friends.

For the first time, Allbirds have used their Tree Runners for the Allbirds And program, which is meant to match the warmer climate and breezy lifestyle enjoyed by Sydneysiders. Each design draws from the iconic colours and products associated with the local partners.

Allbirds And Sydney


B Corp Certified furniture design studio that sources Australian-made homewares and promotes Indigenous artists in their onsite gallery space.
Colour inspo: earthtones, eucalyptus, terracotta
Secret ingredient: “moss”

Rollers bakehouse

Beachside bakery in Manly Beach famous for their inventive croissants, hidden laneway location, and iconic pink and burgundy brand colours.Colour inspo: signature Rollers pink and burgundy, flat whites, croissants
Secret ingredient: “latte”

Handsome Devils Co.

Hot sauce-making duo who use all natural ingredients and zero preservatives in their products.

Colour inspo: chili peppers, black bottle label, The Doctor hot sauce
Secret ingredient: “pepper”


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Koskela is proud to be the first furniture and homewares company in Australia to be a Certified B Corporation®.