Materials & Finishes

This is Koskela’s range of standard materials and finishes for Koskela Learn products only.

These finishes and materials do not apply for Koskela Live and Koskela Work products.
For these sectors, standard materials and finishes can be seen on the product pages.

Koskela Learn - Standard materials and finishes

Powder Coats

Junior Colours

Burra (Sky)See details

Gidgee (Yellow)See details

Gili (Flame)See details

Yarra (Eucalyptus)See details

Senior Colours

Bamal (Earth)See details

Burran (Stringybark)See details

Daramu (Tree)See details

Badu (Water)See details


Junior Fabrics

Nomad GreenSee details

Nomad GreySee details

Koskela House FabricSee details

Senior Fabrics

Bamal (Earth) 1See details

Bamal (Earth) 2See details

Bamal (Earth) 3See details

Bamal (Earth) 4See details

Burran (Stringybark) 1See details

Burran (Stringybark) 2See details

Burran (Stringybark) 3See details

Burran (Stringybark) 4See details

Daramu (Tree) 1See details

Daramu (Tree) 2See details

Daramu (Tree) 3See details

Daramu (Tree) 4See details

Badu (Water) 1See details

Badu (Water) 2See details

Badu (Water) 3See details

Badu (Water) 4See details


Standard Laminate

White LaminateSee details

Writable White LaminateSee details

Birch ply
See details

Murriri Finishes

Murriri Stool Finishes

*Only available for the Murriri stool.

Dove GreySee details