Gurrwilinywirriy Mundan Pendant - Margaret Djarrbalabal Malibirr


This hand woven pendant is part of a collection of Gurrwilinywirriy Mundan Pendant lights developed by Koskela in collaboration with the weavers of Bula’Bula Arts.

Koskela started collaborating with Bula’Bula Arts in 2018. The artists use traditional Bush string made from the fibres between the bark and the trunk of the kurrajong tree. 

The weavers of Ramingining in North East Arnhem Land usually create traditional ceremonial and ritual objects, working together as a group to harvest materials and develop work, yet each with their own contemporary colourful and unique designs. This is one of the first times they have embraced making objects which are not traditional yolngu objects, and the strength of their identity as late-career Yolngu Artists is distilled in these lighting design.

Artist: Margaret Djarrbalabal Malibirr, 114-19.
Dimensions: 240 Dia x 260 H mm
Materials: Bush string made from the fibres between the bark and the trunk of the kurrajong tree.

Each lampshade is wired with a black woven flex cable and ceiling rose and the lamp holder fits any E27 bulb. Light bulb not included.

All lights come with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

We’re celebrating 10 years of social impact work. This pendant lampshade is a continuation of Koskela’s social impact projects with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art centres. Koskela has collaborated with the Yolngu weavers of Elcho Island Arts on Yuta Badayala (In A New Light), the Tjanpi Desert Weavers on Tili Wiru (Beautiful Light), and Moa Arts on Kapu Minaral (Beautiful Colours).


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