Ikuntji Artists

Linda Ngitjanka - Yawalyurru at Alkipi


Alkipi is a little outstation south-west of Papunya and west of Ulumbauru outstationThe native bush currants (yawalyurru) also called broad-leafed native currants (Canthium attenuatum) grow there.

Ikuntji Artists is a member-based, not for profit, Aboriginal art centre. It is situated in the community of Haasts Bluff (Ikuntji), and has a board of seven Indigenous directors all of whom live and work locally. Haasts Bluff has a population of around 150 people. Ikuntji Artists has eight key artists, who exhibit in Australia and internationally. They are represented in major collections across the globe.

Artist: Linda Ngitjanka
Title: Yawalyurru at Alkipi. 09LN309.

Dimensions: 121.5 x 83.5cm
Materials: Acrylic on canvas. Tasmanian oak timber frame.

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