Papunya Tjupi Arts

Connie Brown - Yala Yala Tjukurrpa


Connie has painted her Grandfather's Kapi Tjukurrpa, from Yala Yala outstation near Kinotre, NT. The work represents a waterhole from this area. Connie speaks of how when she was a child she would dance and watch her Grandfather paint. After her Grandfather passed away, she began to paint his story, influenced by his style of painting.

The lines represent the rain clouds, raining on the land, allowing for many Pituri to grow from the water (represented by the white dots). Pituri is a type of wild desert tobacco. The plant produces a white flower which Connie paints. In Central Australia the leaves from this plant are used for chewing.

"When it rains, I climb up the big rock to the top, and I'm happy"

Papunya Tjupi Arts is an Aboriginal owned, community-based enterprise, representing over 100 artists. They encourage the sharing of knowledge and skills to foster self-determination and cultural development. This is done through arts practice, community activitiesmeaningful employment and training opportunities. All proceeds are split between the artists and the funding of further community projects

Artist: Connie Brown
Title: Yala Yala Tjukurrpa. 484-19. 

Dimensions: 152 x 91cm
Materials: Acrylic on canvas. Tasmanian oak timber frame.

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