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Handwoven 2D Fibre Sculpture by Citrina Nulla of Maningrida Arts and Culture

Works in fibre from the Maningrida region are widely recognised as some of the finest in Australia. Artists confidently push the boundaries of fibre craft and cultural expression, adapting traditional techniques and forms to produce strikingly inventive and aesthetically exquisite artworks. In 2003, Kuninjku artist Marina Murdilnga brought a revolutionary new form of pandanus weaving to Maningrida Arts & Culture: a flat yawkyawk made from knotted pandanus on a jungle-vine frame, painted with natural pigments. She next explored using dyed pandanus and feathers in this way. Murdilnga’s innovation inspired many other weavers, who are producing an array of beautifully resolved flat figurative works (stingray, butterflies, spiderwebs) and spiritual figures and Ancestral beings.

Alongside Murdilnga, leading artists of this form of fibre art are Anniebell Marnngamarnnga, Frewa Bardaluna and Rembarrnga artists Vera Cameron and Maisie Cameron. Lulu Larandjbi has woven interpretations of the rock pools at Kobumi where Ngalyod (the Rainbow Serpent) entered and died. Commonly used fibres include the leaves of pandanus (Pandanus spiralis), and palms (Livistonus), mírlírl (burney or jungle vine, Malaisia scandens), and the inner bark of kurrajong and stringybark eucalyptus trees.

Weaving is physically hard work, now done only by women. They colour the pandanus using natural dyes made from the roots, leaves or flowers of plants within the weaver’s clan estate. The same dye bath is often used to dye a number of batches of fibre, with variations in the colours depending on the time spent in the dye bath and the potency of the bath. The women skilfully use salt and wood ash as mordants and colour enhancers.

Please note: This artwork is part of our current exhibition 'Living off our waters' running from 23 November - 28 January 2024. All purchased works will be dispatched from Tuesday 30th January. Please reach out if you require your artwork prior to Christmas/the end of the year and we can arrange this for you.

Maningrida Art and Culture

Woven Fish Fibre Sculpture by Citrina Nulla (Living off Our Waters Exhibition)


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Title: Fish Fibre Sculpture
Artist: Citrina Nulla
Dimensions: 111 x 30cm
Medium: Pandanus (Pandanus Spiralis) and Bush
Cane (Flagellaria Indica) with Natural Dyes
Catalogue Number: 1083-23

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