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Urban Composter - Black


The Urban Composter is the quick and easy way to create compost from your kitchen waste in a simple convenient kitchen bin. 

Stylish, clean and effective, the Urban Composter is a kitchen bench-top composting system that turns your unwanted peels, off-cuts and leftovers into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden. 

Its revolutionary design doesn’t just hold kitchen scraps en-route to the compost heap, but actually starts the composting process right in the kitchen without any bad smells. 

Dimensions: 29cm diameter, 40cm high at back, 35cm high at front. Approx 16L capacity. 

Simply cut your scraps into small pieces. All types of food scraps can be composted including: Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy, Coffee, Wilted Flowers. 

Apply Compost Accelerator spray to the scraps. This organic spray breaks down and ferments the organic waste in the bucket, which and means no nasty odours during fermentation. 

During fermentation, juice is released which is saturated in good bacteria and nutrients. This can be drained every few days, diluted and added to your flower beds or gardens. It can also be flushed as it promotes septic systems. 

When mixed with soil, the remaining scraps will break down in about 6 weeks. Drain all liquid and add the pulp to soil. It can be buried in the garden, in a pot, or added to worm farms or outdoor compost heaps.

Showroom Pick-up: Free

AUS: $15
NZ: $25
INT: $60

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