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Tali (Sand Hills) - Dorothy Richards


Artist Statement

“Tali- sand hills or dunes are a dominate feature of the desert landscape of the Ngaanyatyarra Lands. The waves of sand hills are formed when sand is swept up by the wind and dumped where it meets obstacle. The tali have gentle slops on the side exposed to wind, while on the other side they drop off steeply."

Papulankutja or Blackstone Community was established after Ngaanyatjarra people walked out of Warburton mission in the 1970's and returned to their land in the shadow of the spectacular Blackstone Range west of the tri-state border. Papulankutja Artists was established in 2001 and incorporated in 2004 growing out of Blackstone's women's centre. After many years of working through the womens centre, Papulankutja Artists opened their own purpose built art studio in 2009. 
Papulankutja Artists are vert community focussed. Today, women and men, young people and old people, work together. By purchasing  an art work from an Indigenous owned and governed art centre you are supporting the community. 60% goes directly to the artist and 40% is reimbursed back into the art centre to buy materials so the artisans can continued to produce beautiful work and celebrate their culture.

Artist: Dorothy Richards
Title: Tali (Sand Hills). 48-19.

Dimensions: 29.5 x 29.5cm
Materials: Acrylic on Cotton Canvas

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Australia Wide: $80 

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