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Slowdown Studio x Evi O Rug - Sphinx

$175 $250

Designed by Sydney based artist / designer Evi O, the collection is an abstract and colourful exploration of mythical creatures.

Slowdown Studio launches its first rug collection, designed by Sydney based artist Evi O, inspired by the abstract and colourful exploration of mythical beasts. The collaboration is made up of three artworks extended from Evi's latest painting collection “Jungle.”

Evi O is celebrated for her studio work specialising in publication and branding with some of the best in the industry including various food, travel and architecture titles. Sharing a love for working collaboratively with Slowdown, the opportunity to create this collection came organically.


- Small: 61 x 91.5cm
- Medium: 122 x 183cm

Materials: 100% Wool

Each rug is hand-looped in India and cotton-backed.

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