Outer Island

Ornament - Pied Budgerigar

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It wouldn’t be Bondi Beach without the budgie smugglers and it wouldn’t be Australia without the Budgerigars. These native Australian birds have become the third most popular domesticated pets in the world after dogs and cats, but their story began in the heart of Oz five million years ago. They thrive in the dry, arid interior of the country and can even be found there occasionally in enormous flocks. Bred in captivity, several colour variations exist in the species, but we think they look best in their native yellows and greens. 

5% of the sales of this product support BirdLife Australia.

Conversation status: Least Concern

45mm x 160mm
Hand painted wooden Christmas decoration with jute twine / painted one-side.

* Since this item is handmade, each ornament is slightly varied in patterning, texture, wood grain or burn.

Designed and made locally in Sydney.


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