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Olden Times at Palm Valley by Joanne Napangardi Wheeler (59cm x 59cm)

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This Artwork is part of Koskela's current exhibition Cattle Station Christmas, featuring a curated collection of works from Keringke Arts, Tangentyere Artists, and Ngukurr Arts Centre. 

Exhibition Catalogue

Description: “Long time ago – my Country. Lots of people living there [Palm Valley], all my family. There was big camp in Palm Valley at Hermannsburg. People living at a place called Ntaria, a long time agop. Drinking water there, river flowing, Finke River Flowing through. People camping there for long time. All the bords fly in for that water. All the dogs around camp. Emu and Kangaroo other side. So family hunting – they hunt everything, birds duck duck from the water, emu, kangaroo, bush turkey, everything. Everyone sitting by the camp fire, or cleaning camp. Water surrounded by bush flowers – wild flowers everywhere. See all the pitis (coolamons) on top of humpies with bush foods? There’s witchetty grub and honey ant, all the fruit. That’s beautiful, that’s my family on my Country, long time ago.” 

Title: Olden Times at Palm Valley
Artist: Joanne Napangardi Wheeler
Art Centre: Tangentyere Artists
Medium: Acrylic on Linen (Framed in Tasmanian oak)
Dimensions: 590 x 590mm
Catalogue Number: 11649-21


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