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Gemerre by P. Thomas

This T-shirt isa design from the Warmun Art Centre, and is part of the Nganana / Koskela: Art Centre T-shirt CollabNganana / Koskela: Art Centre T-shirt Collab.

Phyllis has painted the traditional scarification marks that Gija people used to incise on each other for law and ceremonial activities. In Gija this is called Gemerre.
‘This is them scars that the old people used to cut across their bodies. Their leg, arm and stomach. This keep ‘em safe when going across rivers, so that the Rainbow Serpent doesn’t get you.’

Phyllis Thomas’ is a Gija woman of Nagarra skin whose bush name, Booljoonngali, means ‘big rain coming down with lots of wind’. She was born at a place called Riya on the Turner River, south east of the Bungle-Bungles. When Phyllis was young she worked on Turner Station looking after poultry, gardening, grinding salt and carting water from the well but often preferred to run away into the bush with the old women. She loved walking all over the country with her grandmother and the other old women, hunting, collecting dingo scalps and looking for gold.

Warmun Art Centre is owned and governed by Gija people with 100% of income returning to the community. The centre was established by founding members of the contemporary painting movement in Warmun such as Queenie McKenzie, Madigan Thomas, Hector Jandany, Lena Nyadbi, Betty Carrington and Patrick Mung Mung. These elders recognised and responded to the need for a community owned and controlled centre through which they could support, maintain and promote Gija art, language and culture.

Digitally printed on a 140GSM Certified 100% organic cotton, this raw tee features a relaxed crew neck, long body, raw sleeves and hem. The white tee is a men’s size large, but is a flattering oversized cut for women also.

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