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Tjurki (Owl) by Rene Sundown. The Tjurki (owl), the symbol of Iwantja, has a famous tjukurpa attached to where it travelled in Indulkana

This T-shirt is a design from Iwantja Arts and is part of the Nganana / Koskela: Art Centre T-shirt Collab. Nganana / Koskela: Art Centre T-shirt Collab.

“I was born in country along the way to Uluru. My father was a stockman and my mother was a teacher to me and my brothers. When the rain would come we used to go hunting for rabbit and malu (kangaroo) with my father. He was always catching echidnas and we used to pull out all the sharp ends and cook them on the fire. A salty creek used to run near Erldunda Station, me and my brothers always wanted to be swimming there. I live at the Homelands now with my husband, we enjoy watering the plants and living in the country, it’s a good place. It’s important to know about family and to grow up children on these lands, then we can remember this country and where we come from.”

Iwantja Arts takes its name from the Iwantja Creek where the community was first established. A large native gum growing in the creek bed marks the resting place and dreaming site of the Tjurki (owl) and tells the story of his journey through country.

Iwantja Arts is a not for profit, Aboriginal owned and run corporation managed
by a board of directors. Through strong governance, the art centre encourages and fosters artistic excellence and cultural development within the community by providing opportunities, training, and career development for artists.

Digitally printed on a 140GSM Certified 100% organic cotton, this raw tee features a relaxed crew neck, long body, raw sleeves and hem. The white tee is a men’s size large, but is a flattering oversized cut for women also.

Please note this item is made-to-order
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