Sarong - Summer Hill

$126 $180

Reminiscent of grassy banks laden in wildflowers bending in a warm breeze, Summer Hill celebrates the heavenly tones of the desert — burnt orange, milky pink and dense clay whites. Sea pods, rocks, flowers and the moon all play part in this painted composition by Lauren Cassar.

Mirador gently pulls away from the structure of seasonal collections, and instead pours energy into creativity and preservation of design, allowing their offerings to move through seasons and beyond. Large scale paintings and prints collide with marbled textures, resulting in a textile offering that is both abstract and functional.

Mirador sits amongst the small, independent businesses of Australian fashion and contributes to a nicer way of living, providing customers with only long lasting, high quality garments, locally made and genuinely hand crafted. Mirador approaches textile design in an abstract way, to add something unworldly to the clothes we wear every day.

Dimensions: One size fits all. 170 x 114 cm.
Materials: 100% Organic cotton

Printed in Sydney
Machine wash cold on gentle cycle with mild detergent. 

Click & Collect: Free

AUS: $15
NZ: $25
INT: $60

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