Iwantja Arts

Maisie King - Ngayuku Ngura (My Country)

Artist Statement
“This is my artwork, this is
Oodnadaa country. This is where I was born. The country there is beautiful and very good. The land is very old and the stories there are strong. This is Yankunytjatjara country.”

Maisie King's paintings map out the boulders and rocky terrain of the Oodnadaa country east of Indulkana in Yankunytjatjara country. Her linear forms take on sculptural elements as she marks out the large boulders and the rockholes and springs surrounding the country. Painting out an inky background, she lays down thin painterly lines in luminous colours that glow off a deep background.

Iwantja Arts is an artist studio located within the remote Indigenous community of Indulkana, on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands. Iwantja Arts is an Aboriginal corporation owned and governed by a board of directors. The art centre aims to encourage and support artistic excellence and cultural development within the community by providing opportunities, career development, and economic independence for practicing artists.

Artist: Maisie King
Title: Ngayuku Ngura (My Country)

Dimensions: 81 x 122cm
Materials: Acrylics on Canvas

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Australia Wide: $80 

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks come with a certificate of authenticity

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