Art Print - Japarra by Timothy Cook


Japarra by Timothy Cook
Image 44 x 60cm

Timothy created this etching during a print workshop with Master Printer, Basil Hall. In preparation for the workshop, Timothy visited MAGNT with fellow Jilamara artists to mine the Tiwi Archive to garner inspiration.

Timothy has referenced a bark in the MAGNT collection by Deaf Tommy Mungatopi about Japarra the Moon man as a full moon rising, reflected in the sea.

Japarra is the moon. In Tiwi mythology Japarra flew up to become the moon after he was discovered making love with Was-ai, Purukapali's wife. Japarra reminds the Tiwi of the life and death cycle (full moon, no moon, new moon).

Jilamara Arts & Crafts Association is an indigenous owned art centre located in Milikapiti on Melville Island, which is one of the Tiwi Islands, 80 km to the north of Darwin. Artists at the centre have made a significant contribution to contemporary indigenous art in Australia since the association was established in 1989.

Please note: this print is not framed.

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