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Working from home is the new normal and architecture is evolving to accommodate this.

Architects and their clients are beginning to consider the home office right at the beginning of the design process. No longer just another room, the place where we will potentially spend much of our time requires careful consideration. Outlook, access to natural light, ventilation and joinery are all factors to consider. The ve workspaces in this issue are unique and specific in their design.

Connecting with the outdoors, whether it be from an office or elsewhere in the house, has become more desirable. If we are to spend a lot of time at home, we need to feel less enclosed. Our cover house, designed by FIGR Architecture Studio, embraces this concept fully with a clear view from the front of the house to the back garden.

Discreetly connecting the house with the local landscape was a priority for Not All Architecture when designing a home on Victoria’s Surf Coast. Drawing inspiration from the classic summer beach house, the architects keep the scale small and the outlook big.

Meanwhile in inner Brisbane, on a densely vegetated site, Tim Bennetton Architects has designed a series of pavilions to allow for optimum cross ventilation and a balance of house and garden that is bucking the norm.

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