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Nyayati Stanley Young - Kalaya Tjukurpa (Emu Dreaming)


Stanley was born west of Irrunytju at a secret sacred rockhole site, in around 1949. He grew up in the bush and travelled with his family around the areas of Irrunytju and Pipalyatjara. As a young boy he went to school at Ernabella Mission but returned to Pipalyatjara as a man where he taught white fella's Pitjantjatjara. Stanley now lives in Kalka Community and is a senior lawman, respected elder and celebrated dancer.

Ninuku Arts is a wholly-Indigenous owned and governed Art Centre which supports artists from two communities - Pipalyatjara and Kalka. Both communities are located in the far north-western corner of South Australia, near the tri-state border of South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory.

The art centre prides itself on its inclusivity (providing opportunities for all generations) and embracing individuality in artists.

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Artist: Nyayati Stanley Young
Title: Kalaya Tjukurpa (Emu Dreaming)

Dimensions: 91 x 91cm
Materials: Acrylics on Canvas. Framed.

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