Floor Rug - Vintage Rug Overdyed - 4738


Vintage Overyded Rug.

Over-dyed rugs are in the second phase of their beautiful lives. They began as vintage rugs, handmade in Turkey. After their colours have faded and they have been loved and worn in, they go through a process to begin a second life. Into a bath they go to strip the yarns of their dye, leaving only the darkest patterns. The last step is to then saturate them in a bold wash of colour, modernising them without losing their antique charm.

A rug is the heart of any home. Loom not only source vintage rugs, but also make beautiful new rugs from old yarns and reinterpret these into contemporary designs. Infamous globally, we carry a select range of rugs from this Melbourne powerhouse.

Whether you’re looking for something bold or neutral, old or new, we've got you covered with a wide range of styles including contemporary rugs, kilims, old yarn tulus, berbers, Moroccan and so many more.

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Dimensions: 286 x 366cm 

Tips: Spot clean for small marks, rotate to equalize wear and when the time comes we can recommend a professional rug cleaner.

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Australia Wide: $60 

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