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DIY Paint Kit - Sulpher Crested Cockatoo

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Forget pizza delivery, have you tried art delivery? Get a fresh box of “takeaway art” for you to paint your very own colourful bird painting.

Made in Sydney, each eco-friendly paint kit is packaged in its very own ‘pizza’ box filled with premium materials to help you create your own masterpiece. Each kit includes non-toxic locally made acrylic paint, step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial link, one broad brush, one detailed brush, reusable paint tins, and a premium deep edge canvas with outlined artwork ready to hang on your wall.

These kits are limited-edition and feature Australian native birds. Our Sulphur-crested Cockatoo kit features Sydney’s cheekiest and most notorious bird adored in greens and yellows. Each kit includes the edition number in the set.

You'll get instruction directly from Stephanie, a master with the brush as we break it down for you, step by step in our video and downloadable PDF. A great gift for anyone who loves a little fun and painting.


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