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Dahoru?e, tub?re une, buboriano?e, ohu?o sabu ahe (?mie mountiains, eggs of the Dwarf Cassowary, beaks of Blyth's Hornbill and spots of the wood-boring grub) by Both Kimmikimmi (Hirokiki)

Ömie women’s bark cloth art of Papua New Guinea was completely unknown to the outside world until it was first exhibited in 2006, but has quickly become one of the most exciting contemporary art movements in the Pacific region. Ömie Artists are now celebrated internationally for their visually arresting and highly sophisticated designs that transport us to their mysterious and lush rainforest world. This exhibition brings together an exquisite body of bark cloth artworks created in the remote mountain villages of the Oro Province of Huvaimo.

Each artwork is saturated in an organic, abstract symbolism that could only have sprung from a people intimately in tune to the natural environment where they live – a landscape criss-crossed with sites of great spiritual significance and inhabited by the spirits of ancestors.

These paintings on barkcloth, also known as ‘tapa’, are the customary textile of the Ömie, which have been painted in freehand with a rich and earthy palette of natural pigments and dyes. 

Medium: Natural pigments on nioge (barkcloth)
Dimensions: 108 x 43cm

Ömie Artists

Mountiains, eggs of the Dwarf Cassowary, beaks of Blyth's Hornbill and spots of the wood-boring grub by Both Kimmikimmi (Hirokiki)


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