O.G Pottery Kit - Kiln Required - 1-2 People


It's never fun to get Crockd up alone.

In this Crockd kit, you'll get everything you need to make enough for 2 keep cups each (or whatever else you want)!

Once you're happy with your creation, you'll need to pop into your local kiln for firing and glazing. More than 100 kilns across Australia are currently affiliated with crockd, with more being added each day. Checkout the list here to find your closest kiln.

Your clay creations can literally be left to dry for years and years and years before you take them to a kiln. So don't worry if COVID locks us indoors for a lil while.

What's Included:
- Clay for one-two people
- Carving tools
- Clay breakers (like ice breakers, but way cooler)
- Instructions Show

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