Sooty Welsh

Coolamon Gathering Spaces - Stonewar


Sooty Welsh is a ceramic artist who makes hand crafted pots and pieces, richly glazed and marked with unique markings. There are the markings that are closely linked to the Waliwan people and have been found carved on the trees and into the land in the region. 

'I am Waliwan. My mother was born out at Quambone; my father was from a place called Wingadee, that is all on country - I've never really through much about being connected to the country but I can feel it now - it is home now. 

Tree carvings, traditional tools and cultural artefacts are all inspirations for Sooty's art. The pieces he creates are hand made and based on the cultural information that is etched into the area. A traditional Coolamon can be converted into a small bowl or even incense burner.

'Nobody really knows exactly what the markings mean, and I don't pretend to either but it has a magic feel about it and it is what inspires the designs I make.'

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