Bush Medijina

Clay Combo - Dumburuma (Sandalwood)

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The ladies at Bush Medijina use soft white Kaolin Clay for their Clay Combo. They pick Dumburumba (Native Sandalwood) leaves from the trees that grow in the bush and at the beach. The leaves are boiled and traditionally used for treating sores, cuts, stings and skin rashes. They add crushed leaves, bark, seeds and/or flowers to make clay scrubs that exfoliate and revitalise tired skin.

The practice of traditional bush medicine is being wonderfully preserved in the products of Bush Medijina, made by the Warnindilyakwa women of the Groote Eylandt Archipelago in the Northern Territory.

Run by the not-for-profit organization ASAC, seven full-time Indigenous women do everything from collecting the bush medicine to making, packaging and shipping the products. All profits are fed back into community programs for Indigenous women which promote respect, culture, education and wellness.

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