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Herbal Tea - Rain Forest Brew

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Let yourself relax into the atmosphere of an Australian rainforest. This organic tea blend brings a soothing effect and uplifts the soul with its refreshing, rich lemon aroma. It is perfectly blended with Lemon Myrtle, a citrus-scented, native Australian bush high in antioxidants, and Lemongrass, which promotes healthy digestion.

Tingling, fresh Ginger root naturally warms and assists the body to unblock meridians, and combined with Ginseng and Ginko, it tones the liver and kidney.
Botanical Signature is an artisanal skincare brand producing modern natural remedies and organic products, with high quality plant-derived ingredients to promote wellbeing.

Botanical Signature are passionate about finding the best ingredients from exceptional producers around the world, who value ecologically sustainable practices so you can enjoy their products with peace of mind.

Ingredients:  Lemon Myrtle | Lemongrass | Orange Peel | Ginger | Ginseng | Ginko 

Made in Sydney

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AUS: $15
NZ: $25
INT: $60

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