Baba Tree

Woven Basket - Jemima 10 Cows - 27


Each basket is made from natural materials and woven in Bolga by Baba Tree's incredible artisan weavers. Each one is unique in colour and size. In the area where Baba Tree baskets are made, the usual dowry paid as a bride is two cows. Jemima Akology wants ten cows and she was the first to weave this kind of basket in Bolgatanga.

Baba Tree is a fair trade company and weavers are compensated fully for their artistry.


Dimensions: Approximately 45 x 45cm

Tip: If your bowl or basket gets out of shape rinse under cold water and re-form. Leave to dry indoors out of the sun.

Showroom Pick-up: Free

AUS: $15
NZ: $25
INT: $60

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