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This pack contains a complete range of Manuka honey from selected apiaries on Aotea. The honey is pulled as it is, raw & unpasteurised from the hives and packed into small and boutique glass jars. The activity of the honey is tested for every different site, which means that there are only a limited number of jars that are the same. On every jar the activity of the honey, its batch and its location is recorded. Every batch is unique, meaning you will unlikely have the same honey twice.

Aotea are committed to making functional and healing herbal health products. Taking inspiration from Rongoā Māori and scientific research into the actives of the flora to bring you a range of healing and vitality supporting products.


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The Aotea Honey Pack contains:

1 x 125+ MGO Mānuka Honey.

This Mānuka Honey is sourced sustainably from hives on AOTEA – Great Barrier Island. With the island covered in Tea Tree, our Mānuka Honey is all quality with a certified MGO (Methylglyoxal) rating of 125+. Aotea only take what the bees can spare – it is super important that they keep the lions share so they can thrive through the winter.

1 x 300+ MGO Mānuka Honey

The Aotea Mānuka Honey 300+ is the next step up when you are searching for the amazing anti-microbial properties found in manuka honey. With more than double the MGO rating of the Aotea Mānuka Honey 125+, the Aotea Mānuka Honey 300+ packs a serious dose of the active methylglyoxal. It is an anti-microbial warrior.

1 x 500+ MGO Mānuka Honey

The Aotea Mānuka Honey 500+ has the highest MGO of the Aotea range meaning it has the highest anti-microbial activity. This is great natural remedy on the back of the throat for fighting bad bacteria and protecting the immune system.
All honey is sustainably sourced and packed straight from the hives so its just as nature intended - raw and unpasteurised. And most importantly of all, they always leave the majority of the honey on the hives for the bees and only ever extract what they can spare.

3 x 80g Jars

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