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This pack contains one cleanser, one toner and one day cream,. Manuka oil, water and honey feature heavily, as well as katakana and kumarahou in this pack. The cleanser uses Manuka honey and kumarahou as the natural surfactant to cleanse the skin. Manuka and kawakawa water are the key ingredients in the toner. The Manuka water has slightly astringent qualities that balance the PH out in your skin, while katakana water has anti-inflammatory properties that the away and redness and help treat inflamed skin. Lastly, this day cream is made using the highest grade Manuka honey which helps keep moisture against the skin throughout the day.

Aotea are committed to making functional and healing herbal health products. Taking inspiration from Rongoā Māori and scientific research into the actives of the flora to bring you a range of healing and vitality supporting products.

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The Aotea Morning Pack Contains:

1 x Kūmarahou & Mānuka Honey Cleanser 100ml - A cleaning and rejuvenating cleanser
This cleanser combines two of New Zealand's native flora renowned for their soft cleansing effect on the skin. Aotea use 100+ MGO mānuka honey, that has anti-bacterial qualities, but also a moisturising and anti-inflammatory content. It helps softly remove makeup and dirt from the skin while not being too harsh. They also add kūmarahou which has a high saponin content which means it acts as a natural surfactant and helps foam on the face so that it helps clean the skin, again naturally and softly. Follow up with the mānuka and kawakawa water toner, and the honey day cream to finish.

1 x Mānuka Honey Day Cream - A 100% natural moisturising cream
What we put on our skin is ultimately absorbed into our body - which is why Aotea make this face cream with the most natural and simple restorative ingredients. In fact, this face cream is so natural its contents are actually safe to eat (although we wouldn’t recommend it). Aotea are also big believers in the native flora of this country, which is why the anti-inflammatory kawakawa leaf and the anti-bacterial and super active mānuka honey are significant tenants in our face cream which leaves your skin super clean blemish free and feeling fresh.

1 x Mānuka Water & Kawakawa Toner 100ml - A soothing and balancing complex
Primarily made up of mānuka water and kawakawa water, the slightly astringent and PH balancing qualities of mānuka water close the pores on your face and also lightly cleanse. Further, the kawakawa water's anti-inflammatory properties can take away morning redness and calm the skin. The water balance will make you feel fresh, close the pores and provide a healthy PH level for your skin.

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