Our range of ceramic planters are handmade by Australian ceramicists with stoneware clay making each piece unique. Browse our collection of planters & vases now!

Plants are special. They can brighten up any room and make any house feel like a home. Of course, once you buy the perfect plant, you’re going to need something that enhances its beauty. Koskela has a huge assortment of beautifully artistic, yet strong and built to last ceramic planters and ceramic pots that you’ll love to pot your plants in.

Superior quality handmade ceramic planters 

Our premium quality ceramic pots are crafted to last. Our range of ceramic pots, vases and planters are all hand spun locally by Australian ceramicists using stoneware clay. And because they’re all handmade, each piece is slightly different. Clay pots are much better for plants than plastic ones because they are porous and allow the roots to breathe, keeping your plant healthy and happy. Clay and ceramic planters are also great if you tend to be an over-waterer because they don’t hold water for as long as plastic pots do. 

Ceramic pots for different plant needs

Whether your plants are big ferns or little succulents, we have the perfect vessel for them to live out their lives and help make your home a relaxing oasis. Our ceramic pots also come with drainage holes to help keep your plant from getting too soggy along with base plates to keep your space clean and contain any escaping soil. Do your plants like to hang out? We also have beautiful hanging ceramic planters for your vines. Or, perhaps you like to keep fresh cut flowers in your home? In that case, a ceramic vase would be the perfect vessel for your fresh flower arrangement. Every ceramic vase is also handcrafted and hand painted. 

Shop for ceramic pots, planters and vases online today, and find the perfect home for your green friends. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be absolutely delighted to help and answer any questions you may have.

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