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Namorrorddo (a profane spirit) by Ruth Bindeidbal

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Namorrorddo is a profane spirit sometimes called a 'bad angel' in Aboriginal English.  

The Namorrorddo is a yirridjdja moiety being associated with the Yabbadurruwa regional cult ceremony.  

Namorrorddo sits upon a rock and is usually painted with long claw like hands and feet. Sometimes spurs protrude from the elbows somewhat like those of a flying fox. Namorrorddo carries light, which emanates from his head. The shooting stars seen at night are Namorrorddo travelling across the night sky. 

Title: Namorrorddo (a profane spirit) 
Artist: Ruth Bindeidbal
Medium:  Stringybark (Eucalyptus Tetradonta) with Ochre Pigment and PVA Fixative
Dimensions (cm): 101.5 x 4.5cm
Catalogue Number: 1826-19


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