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Ena Lane Napangardi - Lupul


Ena has represented puuli (hills) around Lupul in the Kintore region of the Northern Territory. The Tjukurrpa or dreaming associated with this sight tells of the rainbow serpent travelling across the country, bringing with it a great electrical storm which created the ancestral land. This story was passed to her by her father Long Tom Tjapanangka, who also painted this story.

Papunya Tjupi Arts is an Aboriginal owned, community-based enterprise, representing over 100 artists. They encourage the sharing of knowledge and skills to foster self-determination and cultural development. This is done through arts practice, community activitiesmeaningful employment and training opportunities. All proceeds are split between the artists and the funding of further community projects

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Artist: Ena Lane Napangardi
Title: Lupul. 599-18.

Dimensions: 91 x 76cm
Materials: Acrylic on canvas. Tasmanian oak timber frame.

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