Kasper Raglus

Kasper Raglus Painting - Break Day


Koskela is proud to present a highly anticipated works with esteemed young artist Kasper Raglus.

Kasper's own special brand of contemporary geometric abstraction has few peers in the Australian art world. The son of renowned Australian Mambo illustrator, Jeff Raglus, Kasper grew up surrounded by creativity. A long-time resident and explorer of Victoria’s famed Surf Coast, Kasper’s nuanced blending of minimalism, geometry, hard edge conventions and painterly detailing, produces bold and intricate explorations of his own natural and cultural environments.

Kasper's pared back compositions are of beautifully resolved geometric forms with detailed linework depicted in generous volumes of space. Minimalist in nature the works are stripped down to only the essential shapes and colours. Open to interpretation they offer visual respite, a pause in time to find some quiet appreciation of our surroundings, of the now and of our lives. 

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Artist: Kasper Raglus 
Title: Break Day, 2018

Dimensions: 90 x 123cm
Materials: Oils on board. Tasmanian hardwood frame. 

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